Serengeti Sunglasses

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Frame is Shiny Bold Gold.
Lens are Mineral Polarized Drivers Gold Cat 3 to 3.

Category 3 to 3 in mineral lens.
Category 2 to 3 in PhD 2.0 lens.

Very bright light conditions.
Ideal for Driving and Everyday use.
Available in polarized ultra-light mineral and PhD 2.0 lenses.

Absorbs 82% to 92% of the visible light, according to the lens.
Blocks 92% to 96% of the blue light, according to the lens.

This lens has all the benefits of our signature Drivers lens, along with a stylish gold-flash mirror. The amber-colored Drivers Gold mirrored lens provides an additional layer of protection, amplifying contrast, and definition to reveal vibrant colors in all environments.

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